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From humble beginnings as an experimental project over 10 years ago, Illuminado has developed into a robust wireless EL lighting technology used by professional dancers and stage performers globally.


The Illuminado system includes show control software, a wireless transmitter, and receivers that handle the commands to control the electroluminescent (EL) wire and LEDs.

The show control software integrates with various sequencing programs to create a time-coded sequence of commands such as on, off, fade in, fade out and others to create different lighting patterns.

The wireless transmitter sends the signal to the receivers, which can run on rechargeable batteries. The receivers control the EL wire and execute commands based on the sequences from the show control software.

The complete system generates a variety of real-time lighting effects for props or costumes which can be synchronized to music and performance cues.

We’re currently developing the next version which will refine the technology, introduce new functionality and incorporate new lighting options.

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BBC Click’s segment on Illuminado explains more about the technology

Illuminado Receiver

Creating the lighting sequence