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the Developers

Illuminado is developed by Zoot Creations – a media company run by Jacinta Plucinski and Akiba. Zoot is the sister company to Freaklabs who created the original version of Illuminado.

Zoot Creations develops performance technology such as Illuminado, boardgames that incorporate light and sound, interactive picture books and other writing, gaming and performance projects that take our fancy.

For Illuminado and other enquiries contact Zoot here.

key partners

Illuminado is developed in collaboration with professional performers. Key partners are:

Wrecking Crew Orchestra

Wrecking Crew Orchestra (WCO) is an internationally renowned dance crew exploring the essence of street dance. Based in Osaka, WCO have performed across Europe, Asia and Middle East, building a reputation for pushing the boundaries of dance for over 20 years.

In 2011, WCO created EL SQUAD, a dedicated group using Illuminado to create new synergies between lighting, music and movement.

Check out WCO’s website for who’s behind the magic and upcoming performances.

Wendy Tyrer

Wendy Tyrer is a Melbourne-based animator, illustrator and artist who designs rockin’ visual brands, which is why we welcomed her aboard to create our Illuminado logo.

Wendy has worked for more than 20 years in the multimedia industry. She’s designed visual brands for companies, campaigns, educational resources, and not-for-profit entities. To see more of her design work, check out Picta Creative.

Her latest artistic project, The Curator is a graphic novel. It centres around a struggling art student, Mimi, who works at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia with her best friend Nahal. Artists are going missing in Melbourne, but Mimi isn’t concerned. “I’m not a real artist yet!” she says. But Mimi needs to watch her back. Find out more here.